Eddie started singing in his church choir. As a teenager he started a punk band, The Jolly Sods. "Then we had a glam-type band named Okay. I used to play drums with that."

"We had this allegedly good-looking lead singer at that time. One of our songs was 'Demon Cassette Record Player'."

"That got people going. We were like a punkified Gary Glitter."

Oddly, however, young Eddie's first ambition was not to storm the citadel of showbusiness - but to be a librarian. "I have hundreds of books. Most of them I bought between 18 and 19." But he quit when he found the job was "quiet and boring".

Eddie made his first appearance as Elvis by chance. He was running his mobile disco at a holiday camp in Rhyl, south Wales, when the main act failed to show. He decided to step out from behind his turntables and on to the stage. It was a defining moment.

"I came out dressed up as Elvis in leather trousers and a big jazzy shirt and the women screamed,"  Since then he has been Elvis in pubs and clubs around York, appeared on many TV and radio shows and been the subject of news stories in The Sun, Star and Daily Mail. He took the name Eddie from a Wizzard LP, Introducing Eddy and the Falcons, and Vee from the fact that "Elvis tended to be called EV by the Memphis mafia".

By far his biggest exposure to date was in that Channel 5 documentary.

Whether true to life or not, the Channel 5 documentary did spark his sudden entry into politics. Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, Screaming Lord Sutch's successor as leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party, read a newspaper report about it and immediately recognised that Eddie had true Loony potential.

"He saw us in the newspaper saying how proud I was to be from Yorkshire," Eddie explained. "He called me up and said 'I like anybody who's proud of their own area. The fact that you're a bit of a nutter about Elvis is good as well'."